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Savings Liquid Waste, Inc. provides septic system cleaning, drain & sewer cleaning, restaurant grease traps, underground camera services, and non-hazardous liquid removal. We service residential and commercial customers within a 50 to 100 mile radius of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Emergency after hours services are available at a nominal fee.  

Each truck is equipped with a high pressure water jetter. This enables our drivers to unclog everything from household drains to grease traps and car wash drains. We can discover why your drains are not functioning using our underground camera services. We can quickly reveal any obstruction such as roots or a collapsed or broken line


Septic System Cleaning
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What are the warning signs of a non-functioning septic system?

  1. A foul smell

  2. Your household drain is backed up or drains slowly

  3. Water is surfacing in your front or back yard

How often should I have my septic system cleaned?

The number of people that live in your home and the size and type of septic system you own can vary the time for scheduled cleaning. An average family of four should have their system cleaned every two to three years.

Call Savings Liquid Waste. We can help determine if it is time to have your septic system cleaned and set you up on our convenient free reminder program so you will never overlook a scheduled cleaning

Restaurant Grease Traps


Our specially designed trucks allow us to offer full service sanitation management.  For example while we are cleaning a restaurant grease trap we are able to high pressure clean the grease from the walls and baffles and or high pressure spray the inlet and outlet lines of the grease trap by using our high velocity water jetter.
Car Wash Pit Cleaning


Savings Liquid Waste, Inc. for years has provided the highest quality services and customer satisfaction, at an affordable price.


Our trucks and technicians are equipped to clean car wash sediment pits, tracking systems and reclaim tanks.


We would like to provide you with a quote.

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